Hello everyone, happy new 2019! The year has just started, however, we have some exciting news to share with you!

First of all, we’d like to celebrate the fact that we have our new PrestaShop Lithuanian Ambassador – Laimonas (in the middle) join us.  We’re excited that the first Ambassador of Lithuania shares the same vision as we do – to bring PrestaShop users together in a community and help it grow.

breakfast pic

This is it for the short introduction that we have now, but we‘ll be sure to make an Interview article with Laimonas so everyone in Baltic and Scandinavian community would know first-hand where we are heading.

Secondly,  we‘re happy to start our first „PrestaShop Breakfast for Agencies“ event – open PrestaShop discussion for IT agencies, developers and freelancers that will be held on February 1, in Kaunas.

This event, among many others starting in Baltic states, will introduce the guests of the event with the latest PrestaShop trends, share their insights and discuss several topics that PrestaShop users face daily. This time we‘ll address questions of PrestaShop ecosystem benefits as well as if it is time to migrate to PrestaShop 1.7. We hope that these kind of meetings will provide value for local agencies as well as grow, strengthen the community.

But do our Scandinavian readers think about this? Would you be interested in attending this kind of events in Denmark? Let us know your thoughts in infodk@invertus.dk